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matrice – plochá ražba
matrice – reliéfní ražba
patrice – reliéfní ražba
matrice – plochá strukturovaná ražba

Hot foil stamping

It is the technology where foils are transferred using high temperatures and pressure - a die, which is clamped in the machine, is preheated to a desired temperature and then, during the imprint, the hot die activates the adhesive layer on the foil. 

Hot foil flat stamping - transfer of the foil on a surface; owing to robust machines we are able to create a very detailed piece of artwork.


Micro-structured embossing - transfer of the foil on a surface with a fine and varied structure. 

Hot foil relief stamping - transfer of the foil in a relief that significantly raises the height of stamping. 

Thin plate – in order to reduce the make-ready time. It is the carrier where we position the dies for hot foil stamping into exact position according to your detailed data. 

Our goal is to make use of the embossing correctly in order to distinguish the product on the market. We consult the appropriateness of using embossing dies in combination with a selected graphics with our customers. Correct usage consists in appropriately selected graphics, material and type of embossing. 

We manufacture all embossing dies in our plant in Rohatec (CZ). 

To manufacture the embossing dies the following materials are used:

  • Embossing dies - brass, aluminum alloy
  • Counterparts - plastic, brass

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