About the company

Our company can be rightfully proud as we have successfully completed the certification programme of the BOBST company and we have become a certified manufacturer of die-cutting tools.

BOBST company is the global market leader in the production of die-cutting tools. Like every prestigious company, BOBST has constantly been innovating its products and services. These innovations bring customers higher competitiveness and they can also become the argument to explain why this company is the right choice for the investment. This is one of the reasons why this Swiss company has newly prepared a certification programme for diecutting tool manufacturers, which aims to interconnect the company itself as the machine manufacturer with die-cutting tool manufacturers and with their end users. The aim is to show the customer that a good machine works much better with high quality die-cutting tools and, above all, with good setting. Following this, a certified supplier of die-cutting tools is also a guarantee of the quality of the supplied tools. The machines can then achieve maximum performance, which is the common goal of all three parties involved. BOBST machines can be found all over the world, so it is strategically important for this company to have at least one reliable partner in each area. Karel Kaňák, s.r.o. company has become such a certified partner, and is thus part of a worldwide network. In addition, it is the first certified company in Central and Eastern Europe.

Karel Kaňák, s.r.o. company
has become 16th certified
company in the World.

We are proud that the BOBST company was interested in us becoming their partner and ultimately joining its certification programme. Entry into this certification process was initiated with the purchase of the HybridSetter machine from Boxplan company belonging to the BOBST group. This machine performs automatic mounting of pins and other elements for the upper stripping tools; this is done by installing them in several height levels. However, it is not only about automation in the upper stripping tool production but mainly about the whole technology, which brings improvements in the results of generated waste. Our task was to produce a complete set of tools for an assigned order and clearly present in the demonstration centre in Switzerland how the MasterCut machine would work with our products. We have succeeded excellently.

Why did we decide to join
this partnership?

Thanks to this partnership, we have access to all the manuals and settings of these machines, and this has made our work much easier. We have the opportunity to use comprehensive consulting services provided by the BOBST company; we can meet there together and work on development activities. The door to the BOBST centres (in Germany or Switzerland) has opened for us; we can also invite our customers there and we can test new technologies together on the best machines with maximum technological support. It is also very important for us that thanks to the wellestablished communication lines, we can request cooperation, for example, on technologically complex orders, thanks to which we are able to minimize possible risks in subsequent production at the end customer. Simply put, we have the prerequisites to prepare such die-cutting tools that will work perfectly immediately after being implemented.

We have been on the market
for 30 years and becoming
a BOBST partner is both
a reward and a commitment for us.

„It is a great success for us to become a certified partner of the BOBST company. However, it is also our commitment to both our customers and BOBST company. We have to keep our feet on the ground, keep working hard and looking ahead. This certification is another step towards our goal of becoming a clear choice for our customers when it comes to the supplier of die-cutting tools,“ concludes Ing. Vladislav Polášek, the company‘s director.